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Our Clients

  • Small Business Owners. Typical areas of focus include ...
    • Retirement Planning for themselves and their employees.
    • Succession Planning — how to protect the business equity in the event something happens to the owner(s).
    • Estate Planning Strategies — protecting what the owner has worked so hard to build.
    • Tax Efficient Investments — a business presents opportunities and challenges when it comes to taxes.
  • Pre-Retired / “Empty Nesters.” Typical areas of focus include ...
    • Retirement Planning.
    • Experiencing Joy — getting enjoyment out of life while healthy.
    • What’s Next? Guiding people to consider and strategize for the next chapter of their lives.
  • Young Families. While many financial professionals shy away from young families because they do not have “enough” assets to invest, that does not mean their financial concerns go away. Having a young family myself, I understand the financial demands, and anxieties that are often overwhelming. Education, strategic planning, and wise-counsel in making good financial decisions are vital and have long-term positive consequences.