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Our Difference

Often times “less is more.” My practice is small enough to have a tailored approach to each client. A smaller practice can also mean less overhead and money spent on things that are not important to you. This structure also enables me to have deeper client relationships by allowing me to have the time to get to know you personally. 

I believe financial strategies, and in particular “life planning”, should be a positive experience. Finances are a serious enough topic, so let’s have fun reaching your goals together!

Technology provides us with a plethora of tools. I have a full compliment of financial tools PLUS people skills to listen, care, and understand. 

I am an independent advisor and am able to be completely unbiased when it comes to financial products, yet completely biased and subjective when it come to you!

I know my strengths. Outside of my skill set, I leverage other professional resources. I am not shy about handing off the ball to individuals with more expertise in an area such as accountants, attorneys, real estate agents, business / life coaches, consultants, etc. However, I will always partner with you at the center of the relationship to ensure you are getting what you want and need from myself and others.

I don’t want customers ... I want clients, and ideally “friends.” I want to earn the honor of being a “favorite” / VIP in your life.