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Our Process

I LISTEN first! I ask questions to undercover what is truly important to you. 

I want to get-to-know you before assuming I know how to help you. I want to build a strong foundation of trust. We both must feel we are a good “fit” for each other for a strong relationship.

I guide people in setting and clarifying goals, in order to assist in pursuing the desired end results. This is a process of “discovery.”

Once goals are identified, I will gather information and data to thoroughly understand your current financial situation. 

I will compare your current financial situation and resources against your goals / objectives / desire and present specific strategies on how to help pursue what is most important to you. The strategies I propose will be customized for you.

Once a strategy is established, the real work and “traction” begins with the implementation of your strategy. I will continue to walk alongside you as you take action. A strategy is only effective if the strategy is consistently “worked.” I will not only help you “have” a strategy — but help you “work” a strategy. 

I have an established Client Service Model that can help ensure your ongoing financial needs and wants are being proactively addressed.